Welcome to the Multi Frequency Follow-up Inventory Service

This platform provides facilities to the projects or users willing to manage and share their astrophysical observation data obtained during follow-up programmes on ground-based or spatial telescopes. It allows to distribute to the whole community high-added value data compiled directly by the project teams using simple access on MuFFInS or Virtual Observatory functionality.

As a public user, you can simply browse the available public data and complementary material provided by the project teams. You can download various types of data (source catalogues, images, spectra, or data-cubes) or add comments on any entry of the platform database. You have also access to all query and visualization tools provided through Virtual Observatory protocols.

As a project member, you can access private data during the proprietary period, and share comments with the project team. All information about the follow-up proposals and observations are made available for co-investigators, including submitted proposals, list of sources and status of the data acquisition. This information may be used to build new selections of sources for follow-up proposals thanks to a multi-criteria query form. Finally you may upload the data (follow-up proposals, follow-up observations and catalogues) you wish to be integrated into the MuFFInS database.

As a project leader, you keep the full control over the content of the project hosted on MuFFInS. You manage the list of the project members, and their associated rights to the data. You are responsible of the ingestion of the data performed through a simplified project interface.

Please find below the list of the available projects you can access. Don't forget to log-in of you want to get a full access to a project you are member of. If you want an overview of the facilities of the MuFFInS platform, visit the "DEMO" project below. If you are interested in building your own project to distribute your data, please click on the "+" button, and follow instructions.
Projects List